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Calzaghe vs. Lacy Sat 4th March 2006

Excellent condition origional fight program of Calzaghe vs Lacy Sat 4th March 2006.

The fight was a one-sided beating of Jeff Lacy that involved him being rocked on several occasions and being knocked down for the first time of his career in the 12th round.[6] In round one, Lacy had a blooded nose, by round four he was cut and his eyes were puffed up at the end of the fight. Lacy failed to land any of his trademark Left Hooks and the only thing that prevented Calzaghe from a shutout was a deducted point for punching round Lacy's back at the break in the 11th. the amount of blows was 351/948 for Calzaghe and Lacy landed 116/444.
Scores of 119-105, 119-107 and 119-107 meant a decisive victory for Calzaghe that cemented his place at the top of the super middleweight ranks.

Price 75

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