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Tyson vs Ruddock March 18 1991

Tyson vs Ruddock The Mirage,Las Vegas.
March 18,1991. Original fight Programme.
Excellent condition.
Tyson-Ruddock happened on March 18, 1991. The fight received much attention and at the time was one of the biggest ppv fights to date. The fight was brutal with Tyson scoring a knockdown in round 2 (which was actually a trip) and then knocking Ruddock down toward the end of round 3. The fight went back and forth with Ruddock showing incredible heart and determination. Ruddock had his big moment in round 6 after connecting with some big shots and an uppercut that stunned Tyson before the bell sounded. Tyson started Round 7 charging at Ruddock and after catching him with numerous big shots referee Richard Steele controversially stopped the fight even though it appeared Ruddock, although staggering, was OK to continue. The premature stoppage caused tempers to boil over with people angry at the decision. Fighting broke out between both camps in the ring. Referee Richard Steele had to be escorted out of the ring after the angry protests. The only people who seemed calm through it all were the two fighters who both praised each other after the fight with Tyson saying "He Punches like a fucking mule kick", stating it was the hardest he'd ever been hit, something he still says to this day.

Price 55

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